We have a wealth of experience both as Scheme Actuaries and also as corporate advisers.

We have dealt with the full range of pensions actuarial issues having worked at a number of the largest global employee benefit consultancies.

The range of issues include (but not limited to) valuation negotiations, scheme mergers, enhanced transfer value exercises, integrated risk management and settlement transactions.

Some examples of how we can assist Trustees and sponsors are as follows:

  • Providing advice to the Trustees in relation to an enhanced transfer value exercise – this is likely to be in response to a proposal from the sponsor. This would help the Trustees consider fully the actuarial and other implications.
  • Providing a second opinion on the assumptions to be used in a scheme’s funding strategy in the context of both the covenant assessment and the investment strategy. The aim would be to construct, in conjunction with the Scheme Actuary, a scheme specific approach which will deliver better outcomes and meet the regulatory challenge of an integrated risk management approach.
  • Providing advice to sponsors on how best to respond to Trustees’ proposals or consultation in relation to a review of actuarial factors. The impact of changes here can have a significant impact on both the cash requirements and accounting costs. This would ensure that the costs and impact are well understood by all before any changes are implemented.

In all cases the key would be the ability to access our extensive experience for high value work as and when needed to deliver a better outcome.